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We have some very happy news to share with you! As you may remember, Lana the two-year-old Labrador who was dubbed the “Saddest Dog in the World” by dog lovers worldwide, has now found her forever home!

Lana was given up by her first family in October of 2015. Once again back at the shelter, a photo of Lana looking depressed when she was returned went viral, touching the hearts of millions worldwide.

Due to the success of the story, 4,000 adoption applications were filed and $15,000 in donations came pouring in to cover Lana’s care. Lana was adopted by a second family in Ontario, Canadia and we wish the story ended there. Sadly, this sweet pup was once again returned to the shelter by the second family after just a few months. Lana was facing euthanasia due to overcrowding issues … but then her new family adopted her just in the nick of time and this time hopefully for good!

Rescue Dog Match, a Canadian non-profit who has been working tirelessly to find this pup the perfect home, transported Lana to her new home this week! But first, a stop at the vet for her spring check up was in order! 


With a clean bill of health granted, Lana patiently waited to see her new family. 


Lana now has devoted parents and a beautiful farm to call hers! Sounds like the perfect forever home!



Lana’s new parents say that she is adjusting and will send an update to Rescue Dogs Match within the next couple of weeks. We are so happy Lana dodged euthanasia and has found her family!

While Lana’s story thankfully has a happy ending, that isn’t always the case. Lana’s story is not uncommon and 2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized every day due to shelter overcrowding and limited funds. If you find this figure shocking, consider the positive fact that by adopting a dog you not only save a life but gain a loyal best friend. Whether you’d prefer a mixed breed or purebred, a young pup or an elder dog, a shelter near you probably has the companion you’re looking for.

If you’d like to get involved with your local animal shelter and help out dogs just like Lana, check out our guide to volunteering. And please, always adopt and never buy!

Image source: Rescue Dogs Match/Facebook

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animal love
8 Months Ago

Is Lana still happy at her home dubbed her forever home

1 Years Ago


Czerny A.
1 Years Ago

There were 4,000 applicants to adopt Lana? If these applicants had the room and means for a dog in their lives, did they adopt another dog even they weren\'t chosen as Lana\'s forever home? Or did they pout with disappointment and walk away? I wonder about people who compete for a publicized dog as if it were a contest; would they really be good dog guardians? Imagine the 4,000 lives saved from kill-shelters if each rejected applicant adopted an alternative dog.

Jennifer Lawrence
22 May 2017

CzernyA, that\'s a damn good point, one I\'ve often pondered. Seems a lot of folks only want the ones with cute pics on FaceBook :-(

gretchen dewitt
1 Years Ago

2.7 million euthanized every DAY ?! WHERE? do you mean u.s.and canada combine every YEAR?

1 Years Ago

Why was it so hard for her to find a home?
Euthanasia? I don\'t think so-she was healthy and would have been killed. that word is overused and not correctly as it is a kind and gentle death for those suffering from a very painful disease or condition that will not improve. Lana was only suffering for the lack of a good home. She has one now though and I hope she is with them for a long time.

18 May 2017

Euthanasia means "good death." Millions of animals are put to death in the U.S. annually, and most of them are healthy. I live in Mexico, where euthanasia is almost non-existent. Cats and dogs are for the most part, electrocuted after 72 hours of waiting at a pound.. they are also strangled, shot, poisoned, hanged and drowned. Euthanasia IS a kind death. There is no physical suffering. Animals in the U.S. are tranzuilized to remove stress and fear and then euthanized.

pauline gatenby
1 Years Ago

Good luck sweet lana so happy that you found your\'e TRUE forever home i send you hugs and wish you all the best sweet girl . To the family who love you now Thank You from the bottom of my heart.xxxxxxxxxx

1 Years Ago

I can\'t believe that after $15k in donations she would even be considered for euthanasia! That\'s wrong!

19 May 2017

Exactly what i felt when i read it..

1 Years Ago

I am truly thankful someone adopted this little girl; have a long and happy life to her, and her new family.

Nancy Raymond
1 Years Ago

#3 is the lucky number - Lana deserves the very best home and has now found it - and those two other families that dumped her will regret it.

1 Years Ago



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