Sheep in the animal agriculture industry are normally subjected to a pretty terrible life. They are forced to endure harsh weather conditions, shaved regularly for the wool, and many have to undergo mulesing, the practice of removing skin off the sheep’s hind (without painkillers) to prevent flies from laying eggs in the skin. But worst of all, these animals are regarded as commodities, and not afforded the lives or treatment they deserve.

But Pet, the lamb, has escaped this painful fate, thanks to her adopted Border Collie family! Mairi Mackenzie brought the young sheep into her home when Pet was struggling to survive following her birth in April. It didn’t take long for her fellow housemates, a group of Border Collies, to adopt the sweet girl. Dice, the eldest of the collies, took Pet under her wing.




Now, at ten months old, Pet behaves more like a dog than a sheep. Her favorite things to do include going for walks, wagging her tail and napping inside Mackenzie’s Ullapool B&B in the Scottish Highlands.



Mackenzie says that Pet bonded with the dogs almost instantly, and they now consider her one of them, “She’s a right character!”

Footage was just released showing the adorable lamb frolicking after her dog brethren in an unusual style of running. “She’s still a wee bit wobbly but loves to hop, skip and jump around,” says Mackenzie “I’ve never seen anything like this before – it’s really unusual.”


Pet is certainly a lucky girl. The Mackenzies say they’ve kept pet lambs before, but this is the first time they’ve seen such a strong bond between the two species. They say that Dice and Pet will go for long walks together and have a truly amazing connection.

“I don’t think we’ll ever get rid of her,” said Mackenzie. “The oldest dog would be gutted.”

Seeing Pet act just like a dog, to the point where she has been accepted as one of the pack, shows us that farm animals and domestic animals are hardly as different as we traditionally think they are. All animals are capable of love and compassion, Pet and Dice certainly prove that.

Image source: MailOnline