People who lend a hand to animals in need is what we like to call being a hero. Animals rely on us for food, water, and shelter and in return, animals give us a lifetime unconditional love. Not to mention lots of laughs. So we just couldn’t help but fall in love with this story of a woman who found a cat languishing in a trash can and turned her into a bonafide feline BFF!

Driving home one night, a kind woman pulled onto her street and found this kitten in a ditch. The sweet kitten was covered in fleas, his eyes were gooped shut, and he had a giant scab on his head.


The woman cleaned the kitten up with a bath and then the fuzzball opened up his eyes. 


She still wasn’t sure what the scar was on the kitty’s head, but the little one started to improve.


The munchkin even tried sucking on her fingertips! We know all the cat lovers out there can relate to that. 


The kitten would only lay down on her chest or on her arms. She made a makeshift bed for him, complete with soft towels and a warm bottle) but he would begin to cry for her. Sweet baby!


The woman wasn’t able to adopt the cat, but she reached out to her friends in animal rescue. This photo is from his permanent home!




From rags to riches, this adorable kitten will enjoy lots of belly rubs, treats, and all the cat toys he could ever want. Not only is this story adorable, it also is a reminder of how we can help end the pet homelessness problem.  2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized every day due to shelter overcrowding and limited funds, but we can all help stop this. Helping one animal may not solve the pet homelessness problem for good, but for that one animal, their life is changed forever. If you’re thinking of adding a loyal best friend to your family, please remember to always adopt and never shop!


Image Source: aAPjA/Imgur