Sometimes, cats manage to get themselves trapped in peculiar places — but in this case, one kitten got herself stuck in a fairly mundane situation, but she was rescued in one of the most peculiar of ways. Parlier Police Department in California posted an update on their Facebook of a rescue so amazing, the story had to be told.

Officer Jimenez and Corona discovered a kitten in a drainage pipe early Monday morning. Knowing that a pipe is no place for a cat of such minuscule stature, they got right to work trying to coax her out. As you can see in the video posted on their Facebook page, one of the officers tried to coax the little kitty out by speaking her own language — a place all cat parents have been (admit it) at some point in their lives. When that method didn’t work, one of the officers sacrificed his partially eaten burrito to lure her from the pipe.


The officers knew that a drain pipe in the wee hours of the morning was a dangerous place for a little kitten to loiter. So they lured her out via the best method ever: a burrito.

Kitten Rescued From a Drain Pipe Using a Burrito (PHOTOS)

Safe and sound in the hands of justice! This little baby was aptly named “Burrito” after her rescue and delivered into the custody of Parlier Animal Control. Officer Corona hopes to adopt her.

Kitten Rescued From a Drain Pipe Using a Burrito (PHOTOS)


We’re glad that this little kitten was rescued but even more ecstatic that one of her heroes wants to give her a forever home. The streets are tough for homeless pets, but hopefully, she’ll never have to be alone again!

All image source: Parlier Police Department/Facebook