When I found out what Kikkoman the soy sauce company was doing to tiny animals like mice and rabbits, I was so angry. Like more angry than I get when I walk into a room and sweet potato, treats aren’t automatically sitting for me to eat AKA hangry … like I was really, REALLY angry. They were force feeding soy sauce to these teeny tiny animals and then slicing open their brains – and that isn’t even the end of it!

So, of course, I got my smart human friends to write about it and sign all the petitions that they could to put an end to this nonsense (in total, 100,000 complaint emails were sent!!). Well, I have some great news for you, Green Monsters, Kikkoman just announced that they will only carry out non-animal testing for their products! The company is instead, working on developing an alternate animal testing technology, and currently does not perform animal tests across product lines.


Brazil is One Step Away from Banning Animal Testing!



This is a great example of the change that can happen when people step up and lend their voices to animals! Thanks to all of your concern and action, this company is making an effort to be kinder to animals. Pawsome job, peeps!

Lead image source: Flickr