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We love when children and teens speak up for animal rights and the environment. Seeing young people fight for the planet is always inspiring, and it gives us all hope for a safer, more humane and biodiverse future.

Two twelve-year-olds from Colorado Springs set up a petition on Care2 after visiting Denver’s Downtown Aquarium and being heartbroken by the quality of life the captive tigers at the facilities are forced to endure, and they want these wild cats sent to a reputable sanctuary.


The children state that four endangered Sumatran tigers named Marah, Besar, Heran, and Jalan are kept in very cramped quarters, which goes against the nature of tigers who require a great deal of personal space and land to roam freely. The two youth go on to explain that the healthiest Sumatran tiger population in the world at Kerinci Seblat National Park in Indonesia has enough space for each of the 190 tigers to have over 37 square miles of personal space to roam.

If you agree with these inspiring kids that these beautiful animals belong in a sanctuary where they can be true to their nature and roam freely, please take a moment to sign the petition addressed to the CEO and owner of the Denver Downtown Aquarium, Tilman J. Fertitta, who is also in charge of the Landry’s restaurant chain.

In the true manner of today’s youth culture, these children are calling on supporters to take to social media to help free the four tigers. They are asking people to “swarm” Twitter and Facebook about the issue and leave negative reviews for the business on Yelp. The links to these pages are provided on the petition page.

Please remember to share this with your network to help gain more support for the cause!

Buzz Petition

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