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While on an afternoon paddle, this rockstar-rescuer noticed a sea turtle struggling next to his kayak. When he pulled the frightened turtle out of the water, he found a heavy plastic bag wrapped around the struggling creature’s neck and fins. The man unsheathed his pocket knife and, very gently, began to cut the plastic away from the turtle’s tender skin. After he freed the animal, he gave it a kiss for luck, put it back in the water, and watched it swim away.

Heck yeah! What a great day to be a turtle. However, this guy can’t spend his life patrolling coastal waters, freeing sea turtles from plastic prisons, and kissing them on their merry way (but it would be awesome if he could). Plastic pollution is a deadly hazard for sea turtles around the world and one man can’t cover that much water.

The problem with plastic is that turtles often mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and try and eat them. The result is disastrous for the animal. The plastic debris entangles them, strangles them, or lodges itself in their digestive track – all of which result in death or serious injury to the turtle. A university in Queensland discovered that 50 percent of sea turtles have plastic in their digestive system!

But turtles aren’t the only animals affected by plastic waste. A recent UN Study states that over 800 species are endangered by of plastic pollution. Despite this fact, 8.8 million tons of new plastic waste makes its way into our oceans every year. This needs to stop. There are many more turtles, like the one in this video, who are suffering because we enjoy the convenience disposable plastics offer. This needs to stop. One Green Planet believes that we can do this ourselves by cutting plastic out of our everyday lives. Join our Crush Plastic campaign and learn how you can save our oceans.

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One comment on “Rockstar Kayaker Saves Turtle Who Was Being Strangled By a Plastic Bag (VIDEO)”

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5 Months Ago

Thank you for helping that beautiful turtle! I try to avoid using plastic bags and recycle as much as I can. Wish everyone would do more to help keep our earth healthier and creatures safer.

Debby Deb Deb Doran
5 Months Ago

God Bless xxx

Lina Nicolia
5 Months Ago

Thank you !

Valerie Mandall
5 Months Ago

This really needs to be standard procedure for anybody & everybody on land and sea to help the poor creatures that have had their habitats wrecked by humanity. Well Done.

Helen Bozzo
5 Months Ago

It 2017 and I will stop buying anything in plastic.

Robin Ray
5 Months Ago

I love this! I especially love it when he kisses the turtle on the top of the head!

Raven Vergara
5 Months Ago

Robin Vergara Chelsey Wilson

Brooke Kilpatrick
5 Months Ago

Please ban the bags.

Stephen Metcalf
5 Months Ago

Hope for humans!!

Kirsten Dinwoodie
5 Months Ago

Heather Dinwoodie this right here is my dream man


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