Vegan superstar Kat Von D has dedicated her life to art and animals, and the career tattoo artist has long used her position to influence her fanbase into making more humane lifestyle choices. She has a full makeup line that is 100 percent vegan, including the brushes, and she has helped farm animals with her cruelty-free lipstick line. Last year Von D announced plans for her vegan shoe brand, and the collection is finally here!

In an Instagram post, Von D explains that her shoe collection is 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free, made of high-quality materials in Florence, Italy.


Kat Von D Launches Vegan Shoe Line!


The shoes are meant to last for many years and come in an array of styles, from sky high heels and platforms, to flats, sneakers, sandals, creepers, and even a furry moon boot! There are 28 designs in total, ranging from sizes 5-12, and there are a selection of unisex styles as well. The shoes will also ship internationally.

The world of fashion has been making great strides toward becoming more cruelty-free, with major fashion powerhouses like Gucci and Armani ditching fur and joining many other brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, and the all-vegan Stella McCartney. Von D’s shoe collection is a welcomed addition to the fashion world where leather still rules the shoe game, and we cannot wait to see all the styles she has in store!

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Image Source: thekatvond/Instagram