The world has fallen in love with Kai, the shar-pei mix who was abandoned by not one, but two different people in the same day. Kai has had a rough start at life. His first family sold him on the U.K. website, Gumtree. About a year later, his second family was trying to do the exact same thing. After his notorious abandonment at a Scottish train station, Kai’s story went viral.

Though it was originally thought that Kai’s parents must have hit hard times and left him at a train station with a suitcase of his things as a last effort to save him … this couldn’t be further from the truth. It turns out that Kai was going to be sold that fateful day at the station. The woman who showed up to purchase him decided that, because she didn’t think Kai looked like the posted picture, she did not want him. When Kai’s caretaker left the woman with Kai, she did what none of us would do. She left him there.


It ended up being a good thing for this handsome boy, though. The Scottish SPCA rescued Kai from the train station and he has gotten nothing but love since. Kai had to have surgery on his eyes, and thanks to donations, it was completely covered. According to the SPCA, Kai is recovering very well. In their Facebook statement, the SPCA promises fans of the shar-pei that updates will come when Kai leaves for his new home! We’re so happy this pup is getting a fresh start in a new home, a home that will love and cherish him like he should’ve been all along.

The SPCA wanted to thank everyone who made a donation on behalf of Kai, it helped pay for his surgery and many more animals like Kai. To follow Kai and his journey to his new forever home, follow the Scottish SPCA’s Facebook page.

Kai, the Train Station Dog, is Going to a New Home!

Image source: ScottishSPCA/Facebook