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“Save the Whales” has been a slogan synonymous with animal rights for many decades, and unfortunately, the fight to save whales from senseless slaughter is still an ongoing battle worldwide.

A petition on Care2 explains that commercial whaling has been banned worldwide since 1986, but it has not stopped countries like NorwayIceland, Denmark, and Japan from hunting whales and selling their meat for a profit.

The petition explains that Japan has skirted around the international law by wrongfully stating their whale hunts are in the name of “science,” but anyone who knows anything about conservation knows this is a complete falsehood – including the International Court of Justice that ruled in 2014 these hunts have absolutely no scientific backing. This shameless for-profit hunt of Minke Whales in the Antarctic has begun yet again, with five Japanese vessels already set out to the Antarctic to hunt over 300 Minke Whales. Something must be done NOW to stop Japan’s whale hunting fleet.

The petition is calling on the U.N. to step in and protect Minke Whales by issuing economic sanctions on Japan for their blatant disregard for international law. Please take a moment to sign this petition to help stop this bloody slaughter of our planet’s glorious Antarctic giants.

There is always great power in numbers, so please be sure to share this with your network to spread awareness of this very serious issue and further increase support for whales!

Buzz Petition

Image Source: Flickr

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24 comments on “Japan Is Illegally Hunting Whales Yet Again — Let’s Get the U.N. to Step In and Stop These Global Crimes!”

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