Horse carriages have long been used to add the feeling of “romance” to a city, but they also have been under the scrutiny of animal lovers who don’t see a crowded city as the right place for a horse, among other issues.

We’re happy to report that the future of NYC carriage horses is looking good. Bill De Blasio, the democratic candidate for mayor in NYC, stated the banning of carriages horses “…will not be my first act, but it’ll be something I’ll do right away…I believe that the existence of the horse-carriage industry in this city is no longer appropriate. I don’t think it’s fair to animals. I don’t think it’s something necessary for this city. I think there is a good viable alternative, which is to have replica antique cars with electric motors that are clean and will provide tourists with a good experience and will provide the same people who now have horse carriages with an employment opportunity. So I do care deeply about making sure there are jobs for working people. … They’ll just be different and they’ll be more humane.” We like that answer.


De Blasio’s GOP rival, Joe Lhota, told a radio host months ago that, he too, would eliminate the $15 million carriage industry — but not because of animal cruelty. “The smell that they drop there is unfortunate,” he said on the AM 970 radio station last spring.

It’s good news for the horses in New York this election season, and we hope the politicians follow through on their promises.

We’ve featured articles on the issue of carriage horses extensively over the years, so here’s a quick recap of the issue at large:

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Image Source: Shawn Rossi/Flickr