There is nothing that we love more than seeing kind people go above and beyond to help an animal in need. Thanks to these kind people, technology that can help improve the lives of injured or disabled animals is becoming more and more common. Combine the resilience and fighting spirit of animals with the power of technology and advanced vet care and it seems that there is no hardship that can’t be overcome! Just take the story of this sea turtle, for example.

This poor turtle was struck by a boat’s propeller and lost the part of its upper and lower jaw. Left for dead, the turtle would not have survived this ordeal if not for a group of Turkish animal rescuers who spotted his lifeless body and set out to help.




After examining the turtle, the rescue team reached out to a Turkish 3D printing company to see if it would be possible to manufacture a prosthetic upper and lower jaw for the turtle. Lucky for this sea turtle, the company was happy to lend a hand and reached out printing service provider BTech to help design the perfect beak.



Working with the surgical veterinarian team, BTech was able to create a titanium beak that would allow the turtle to bite with the same force and strength that it could with its natural jaw.



After a successful surgery, the turtle is receiving a round of antibiotics and slowly recovering. If all continues to go well, the team hopes to release the turtle back into the wild.


Watch the whole process unfold below:


Thanks to the ingenuity and compassion of this amazing team, this turtle will be able to live out the rest of its days as a healthy, wild creature! (Plus, he looks pretty badass with his new titanium beak –  we doubt any other ships will mess with him now!)

Good luck, sea turtle!


All image source: BTech Innovation/Facebook