If there’s a homeless dog in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Hope for Paws of course! That’s exactly what a compassionate local did when they found a small poodle who had been living on the streets. Though they had been feeding her, they knew she deserved better so they made the all-important call to Hope for Paws.

As Loreta and Eldad neared the location they immediately saw the poodle rummaging around and chasing birds. Loreta made friends by offering her food and led her away from the noisy street to a safer area. Eldad attempted to block off the area using the plastic fencing, but this girl was way too smart to fall for this trick. The poodle now named Coco, wasn’t about to make it easy – she twisted and turned in an attempt to free herself but after a few moments of struggling, she finally gave in and relaxed enough to realize she was in good hands.


Coco was transported to the vet and they discovered she had a cut on her neck underneath the matted fur that covered her body. After treatment, pain medication, and a new haircut, Coco turned into a happy, sweet, and playful girl. Her days of loneliness and uncertainty were finally over. All Coco needs now is a forever home, could it be yours? To inquire about adopting her, go to Smooch Pooch Rescue’s website.

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