In-vitro Meat Cookbook Explores the Potential Future of Food (VIDEO)

This year, the world’s first in-vitro (think laboratory grown) hamburger was eaten and taste tested. The New York Times reported that Dr. Mark Post, the Dutch researcher who created the hamburger at the University of Maastricht, says, “that lab-made meat could provide high-quality protein for the world’s growing population while avoiding most of the environmental and animal-welfare issues related to conventional livestock production.”

To make the idea of lab grown meat more appealing to the masses, Koert van Mensvoort, the head of the Next Nature Lab at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, along with a group of researchers, writers, and students came together to make the In Vitro Meat Cookbook, a compilation of over 50 futuristic recipes that take a look at the future of meat.

Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of lab grown meat, when others say our current methods of raising animals for meat are just as “out there.” Van Mensvoort explains, “People assume in vitro meat is totally artificial, and they don’t want to eat it because of that…But then they walk into a supermarket and buy meat cubes, Spam, all kinds of things which are, in my view, also artificial, weird, modernistic meat products,” reports

Take a look at the video and check out some of the creative ideas that are included in the cookbook. If you think it’s a cool project, you can help fund it through Indiegogo!