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When Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending marine animal captivity, recently learned about the three dolphins who were illegally caught in the wild and used in Indonesia’s traveling dolphin circus, they wasted no time gathering a team to visit the Menjangan Shark Pool to see the animals. The attraction, located in Kariminjawa, Indonesia, is known for allowing visitors to take “selfies” with sharks … clearly, the dolphins were in danger and needed rescue fast.

Even though she continued to search for Kari, Munjawa was deemed releasable by the team. She was brought back to deep waters away from the pen, in case she kept looking for her friend. 

The Dolphin Project hopes Munjawa will soon be able to rejoin her pod as they have noted other Spinners in the area. 

Check out the below video to watch the full rescue and release!



No dolphin belongs in captivity. As one of the most intelligent and complex creatures on this planet, trapping them in tiny tanks is beyond cruel. It’s not hard to see that they do not enjoy captivity as most imprisoned dolphins exhibit clear signs of distress and zoochosis.

No animal should have to suffer for the sake of our entertainment. Please never visit or otherwise support a marine park like SeaWorld or Marineland. Instead, support organizations like Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project who are working to free captive animals and raise awareness. Be sure to share this post so more people can learn about this important issue!

Image Source: Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project

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7 comments on “Illegally-Caught Dolphin Destined for Traveling Circus Is Going Back to the Wild!”

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Carole Rosalie
18 Days ago

Fabulous! They should be allowed to be free.

Cindy Torrez
19 Days ago


Shelagh Maitland
19 Days ago

Well done now all you water worlds pay attention and do the same

John Pasqua
20 Days ago


Jill Phipps
20 Days ago

arseholes do this

M Leybra
20 Days ago

"Please never visit or otherwise support a marine park like SeaWorld." Hopefully the hoards of humans incl. tourists w/ their selfie cameras that go to marine parks & traveling circuses get that message one day cause it\'s still a big industry going into 2018.

M Leybra
20 Days ago

Seriously? Dolphin Project’s Indonesian marine mammal team, the Jakarta Animal Aid Network, the Central Java Marine Police, Karimunjawa Army Unit, Karimunjawa Navy Unit and Rangers of the Karimunjawa National Park managed to save the life of one illegally captured dolphin? Tell us how the perpetrators were convicted & sentenced for breaking Indonesian laws enough to put the fear of God into the next person planning to brutally capture wild dolphins to sell.


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