I am just pawsitively over the moon with Ian Somerhalder! Most hoomans know this mega stud for his different roles on TV, but what I know him for is the awesome work he does to help pups like me. (And really, lots and lots of other animals too!)

I recently heard the news that Ian has decided to use his voice and stand up for dogs who are the victims of the super cruel dog fighting industry. Although dog fighting is illegal in the U.S., it still happens all the time. In this industry, cruel people take dogs – usually ones who are larger “strong” breeds like Pit Bulls and Pit-mixes – and torture them for their entire lives forcing them to fight one another and sometimes even kill each other! Like HOW could you do that, hoomans??!


But luckily, Ian is fighting against dog fighting and using the fact that most hoomans find him incredibly dreamy to educate others about this terrible, no-good industry and encouraging them to help Humane Society International put an end to dog fighting across the world!

Don’t you want to just lick his face?!?



Qualifying his reasons behind stepping up for the puppies, Ian said, “The respect that you give to people you give to animals.”

Ain’t that the way it should be! So Green Monsters if you want to join Ian, DO IT NOW! Use your opposable thumbs to go to this website and add your name in support of HSI’s work to end dog fighting!