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First and foremost, do not adopt an animal unless you are 100 percent prepared to be in it for life. What is “it?” It means that you promise yourself (and your pet) to wholeheartedly commit to love and care for an animal and to not give up on them just because they ate your new shoes. Educate yourself on everything you need to know before adopting any pet and how to be a responsible pet parent to avoid breaking a pet’s heart.

A short video launched by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) shows a frustrated couple dealing with what appears to be a dog just being a dog. They are clearly not happy with the constant messes and seemingly decide to abandon their furry family member on the side of the road to rid themselves of the “nuisance,” but you will be shocked when you see the ending.

Pet abandonment is a big problem all over the world; don’t be one of those irresponsible people contributing to this issue. Think about this: you (hopefully) wouldn’t abandon a child or elderly parent on the streets. Then what makes it OK to dump off a pet who is also a family member? How would you feel if your family abandoned you?

Animal cruelty, neglect, abuse, and abandonment are crimes that must be reported to the proper authorities or contact an animal cruelty hotline. If it’s safe to do so, do what you can for the animal until help arrives.

Be responsible. Be compassionate.

Image source: Christopher Michel/Flickr

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64 comments on “How Would You Feel If Your Family Abandoned You? The Ending Will Shock You (VIDEO)”

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Nicky B
1 Months Ago

Treating all life as equal and showing equal compassion is simply human, regardless of one\'s nationality. Showing compassion to those without voices or the ability to defend themselves, especially, is the epitome of compassion. To those with compassion, all life is equal, American or not.

But I suppose it was no surprise that someone had to turn this into a US-bashing thread - even though the video involves British actors. Smh.

Lauren Elizabeth
1 Months Ago

Equating animals to human children is... Very American.

Cynthia Gonzales
1 Months Ago

<3 :(

Patricia Oertlinger
1 Months Ago

Nora Patricia Chaher

Kat Vik
1 Months Ago

Heartbreaking... Cruelty must stop. I do not know why society has such a "disposable" attitude.

Diane Gee
1 Months Ago

I can't imagine leaving my Jabby cat behind. He is our baby!

Murat Sarioglu
1 Months Ago


Elissa Rinaldo Cimino
1 Months Ago


Karen Lynn Schweizer
1 Months Ago

Wow....great message!!!! Our pets are our fur babies in my eyes!!!

Karina Padilla
1 Months Ago



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