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You’d think there are few things on this Earth more unifying than a hurricane as powerful and terrifying as Harvey. However, a Holiday Inn Express in Katy, Texas put policy before people, and animals, despite all the suffering and loss going on around them. A Care2 petition has been started in response to a Holiday Inn Express which refused to let dogs stay in their hotel during Hurricane Harvey.

The Parker family and their three dogs, Arrow, Wiggum, and Buttercup fled Hurricane Harvey, seeking refuge from the storm. While there have been powerful displays of compassion and humanity, the Parker family did not get to experience such kindness first hand.


When they finally found a Holiday Inn Express in Katy, Texas the hotel refused to suspend their no pet policy for any of their three dogs. The family had no choice but to leave their dogs in a small Prius, alone, for two nights during the worst storm Texas has ever seen. All because of a ridiculous policy.

Normally, this policy would be understandable … but this is a national and humanitarian crisis. The fact that the Parkers had to leave members of their family outside is completely unacceptable. We have to speak up on behalf of the Parker family so no others will have to suffer as they have.

The hotel has since agreed to let in smaller dogs but that’s not good enough. Larger dogs deserve to be safe as well. Who cares if a room gets a little messy? Messes can be cleaned but trauma can’t be healed overnight.

Please sign the petition demanding that the hotel allow ALL pets in while folks are trying to find safety from Harvey. There is no excuse for selfishness and no policy should be allowed to stand in the way of helping others. And on behalf of all the dogs that they’ve forced to stay outside, I say shame on you Holiday Inn.

Buzz Petition

Lead image: Indi Samarajiva/Flickr