A terrified Chihuahua is now safe thanks to a kind local who called Hope for Paws. Along with a few other compassionate rescuers, Eldad and Loretta worked their magic. They secured the area to keep the little dog from running away and Loretta offered her food to let her know that they were there to help. Sadly, the dog was still so scared! This innocent girl had lost her trust in humans and clearly had her heart broken, you could see the pain in her eyes.

Once they got little Chichi out from behind a dumpster, they did their best to calm her down and learn that she could trust them. Thankfully, after a lot of patient coaxing, she settled down.


The sweetheart was taken to the Hope for Paws facility and given a bath, cuddles, and hope. All little Chichi needed was a little time to adjust and soon she was a completely different pup!

Chichi is now in foster care and is finally getting what she always wanted … a happy, loving, safe place to just be herself. She is a loving little girl who loves to play, run, and give kisses. If you’re looking for a small furbaby to bring home and would like to inquire about Chichi, click here.

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