Hope For Paws set out to help a homeless dog who was running on the bridge above one of the busiest freeways in the U.S.

When the rescue team found the tiny pup roaming the area and following people, they easily lured him near with some food. The dog had a really bad ear infection caused by a foxtail inside his ear canal. The puppy got a new name from his rescuer – Dingo – and, although he did not like the leash around his neck at all, he finally calmed down and was taken right to the hospital.


Unfortunately, it soon turned out that little Dingo also suffered from Parvo, a common disease that can be fatal. He became sick in the weeks following the rescue, but with great medical help and lots of love, he then finally started to get better. If he had not been saved when he was, this small pup would have likely died.

Not long afterward, Dingo moved to his foster home at Cuddly Canines – and then, thanks to his foster carers, to a wonderful forever home in Seattle, Washington!

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