Thanks to a compassionate animal lover, three puppies are safe and warm. The babies were found roaming around near a river in the middle of a storm. They were wet, cold, and clearly scared as you can hear them whimpering in the video. While no one knows their story, these sweeties are in need of a foster home ASAP. Animals Lebanon will pay for all of their expenses including food, water, beds, and vet expenses if someone is willing to provide shelter and care for these cuties.

Animals Lebanon is an organization located in Beirut, that works to improve the welfare of animals through comprehensive national protection and welfare legislation. The organization also provides nationwide public assistance for companion animals while rescuing and improving the conditions of captive endangered wildlife. Rescuers work tirelessly on behalf of these animals but they are always in need of volunteers, fosters, and donations.


If you are interested in fostering these puppies or another dog in need click here.

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