Rescue Dogs Rock NYC recently saved the life of a beautiful soul named Davina, a sweet dog who appears to be a Border Collie. Davina was found abandoned in a field of dirt in South Texas, where the rescue notes is an area with high rates of animal abandonment.

Rescuers report that Davina is emaciated with all of her bones visible under her skin, which is in awful condition and covered in flea bites. 


Davina is missing large patches of fur and is heartworm positive. Her condition is described as “fragile” and her energy levels are very low.

Thankfully, Davina is safe with the rescue now, but she still has a long road to recovery.



Rescue Dogs Rock is asking for donations for Davina so she can receive the urgent medical attention, nutrition, and TLC she deserves. To make a donation, please visit the organization’s Facebook page here or their website here.


As Rescue Dogs Rock points out, Davina was found in South Texas where animals are regularly found severely neglected and abandoned in desolate areas like she was. You can help these sweet abandoned animals, including those in your own community, in several ways. By opting for adoption when adding a new animal companion in your life, you are saving an abandoned animal from euthanasia, an unjust fate met by 5,500 dogs each and every single day in the U.S. If you cannot adopt, fostering is an excellent way to ease the burden of abandoned animals in shelters. To learn more about fostering, visit here. And if you cannot foster, then donating to and volunteering your time at shelters and rescues can help make a world of difference for forgotten animals.

If you are moved by Davina’s touching story like we are, please share this with your network to help garner more support and donations for this beautiful dog.


All Image Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC/Facebook