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In South Korea alone, two million dogs are slaughtered a year for their meat. The dogs, some of which are bred for consumption while others are captured homeless dogs or even stolen pets, live a miserable existence in farms that closely mirror the horrific existence animals experience in factory farms. Dogs spend their lives trapped in small, barren wire cages, without any access to proper care or even the most basic needs.

Learning about the cruel dog meat trade is distressing, but there is a comfort to be found in many compassionate people who are working to raise awareness and bring an end to this trade. Humane Society International’s  (HSI) Animal Rescue Team is in the midst of shutting down a number of dog meat farms. The Animal Rescue Team recently just landed in South Korea and is currently working to remove 130 animals from a farm.

The HSI Animal Rescue Team is on the ground right now rescuing the dogs from horrific conditions

Understandably, the dogs are scared and confused. 

We just don’t understand how someone can hurt innocent animals. 

But life for these 130 dogs is about to change forever – for the better. 

Once chained and forced to live in squalor, these 130 dogs are now getting the help they desperately need. 

Soon, the dog meat trade will be a thing of the past. One by one, dog meat breeding farms are shutting down!

This rescue marks HSI’s ninth closure of a dog meat farm. Watch the below video for more information on the incredible work HSI is doing to stop the dog meat trade.

Thank you, HSI. The animals are so lucky to have you on their side! 


Now that the dogs are safe at the hands of the HSI, they will be flown to rescues and shelters in the U.S. and Canada, where they will be re-homed and given a life full of love and compassion –  exactly what they deserve.

Great strides have been made to ban the dog meat trade. In April, we got word that Taiwan will become the first Asian country to ban the consumption of dog and cat meat – and we’re hopeful that similar momentum will lead to change elsewhere!

How can you help? First and foremost, educate yourself and others about the dangers associated with eating dog meat is critical to bringing an end to this practice. HSIhas a wealth of information and resources to help and they also run large campaigns encouraging country leaders to take action to ban the trade altogether. Many people are not aware of the cruel practices and dangers or even the existence of the dog meat trade, so your best course of action is to educate yourself and others to expose the truth of this industry – share this article to get started!

It’s also important to recognize that these dogs, who want to live a happy and free life, are no different than the pigs and cows that we raise for meat here in the U.S. If we could all see the animals around us as complex, emotional beings, instead of mindless commodities, the world would be a much kinder place.

With your help, we can shut down the dog meat trade for good. Please consider making a donation to HSI so that they can continue their life-saving work. Your donation will directly pay for the dispatch of our rescue team, life-saving veterinary care for the rescued dogs, food, cages for transport.

Image source: Humane Society International/Facebook

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0 comments on “These Heroes Are at a Dog Meat Farm in South Korea to Rescue 130 Animals (PHOTOS)”

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Uma Maheswar
1 Years Ago

God bless all these real heroes with lots of prosperity and assist doing many more such kind things.

Ruth Ludgater
1 Years Ago

Thank you for rescuing these dogs from hell and torture. May they find loving forever homes. All beings just want to be happy and be free from suffering.

1 Years Ago


1 Years Ago

I was on board until this paragraph: it’s also important to recognize that these dogs, who want to live a happy and free life, are no different than the pigs and cows that we raise for meat here in the U.S.

Unless you have a ranch, farm, etc... you may not notice the vast difference between the cognitive difference between a cow and a dog. REALLY? You really start to loose an audience and supporters when the activists don\'t live the life!

1 Years Ago

That God for this rescue, such a horrible thing to see these dogs at a meat farm.
Thank you Humane Society International’s (HSI) Animal Rescue Team for everything you do.

1 Years Ago

Why don\' these misguided losers clean up their own domestic chicken farms before taking on foreign countries? Chickens have feelings too!

1 Years Ago

The myth here in the U.S, of over population pushed by animal rights has more to do with the fact that rescues and shelters who long ago dropped the birth rate so far that they must now ship in disease feral dogs from other countries so they can still remain in business.

18 Jul 2017

the myth of over population??? how much time do you spend in shelters in southern states in the US?? everyone in rescue is overwhelmed daily by the overflowing shelters and countless animals in need of medical care, fosters and permanent homes. These animals are not being shipped in from other countries - they are found dumped, wandering the streets as strays, or the product of people not spaying/neutering their pets so litters of puppies are dumped at shelters daily (or worse, found in boxes left in parking lots or the side of the road, or floated in plastic bags down a river). As well as a very prevelant \'disposable pet\' mentality.

James Crowley
1 Years Ago

We should go ahead and bomb North Korea so that they in return will attack South Korea. Disgusting people they are, unimaginable. They have this sick thought too that the more the dog suffers, the better the meat will be. Sick, it will take generations to change this if it can be change at all!

Cynthia Mattera
1 Years Ago

You guys are amazing! Shutting down these hell holes and convincing the owners to grow crops instead is genius!!! NO ANIMAL deserves to live this way and be brutalized. Wish the meat and dairy industry could be shut down as well!!!
Thank you for all you do for the animals!!!

17 Jul 2017

It should illegal to kill dogs dolphins and other human like...monkeys and apes...Id have a hard time killing cattle or chickens too but we need to eat

17 Jul 2017

You absolutely do not have to eat flesh from murdered animals, as proven by the millions of healthy vegans on the planet. And, why in the world does it matter if another species is "human-like" in our determination of how they will be treated. The fact that they are sentient living beings should be enough.

Linda Steele
1 Years Ago

Thank you for your work. I would like to see the suffering of these animals stopped and it will be hard to educate the people that do this to the animals. The torture they put these poor dogs through is extremely inhumane.

Christine Smith
18 Jul 2017

AND CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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