As is the case when any type of natural disaster strikes, one of the most heartbreaking aspects of Hurricane Florence has been hearing about the countless pets and farm animals who have been abandoned when their owners evacuated, leaving the poor creatures to fend for themselves in the wake of the storm. Looking on the bright side, however, many selfless rescuers have taken to the streets in boats to save as many animals as possible as flood waters have risen in the Carolinas over the past week.

Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue, a New Jersey-based farm animal rescue and rehabilitation organization, has been at the forefront of the efforts to search flood-stricken counties in the path of the hurricane for stranded animals and bring them to safety.


In the heartwarming video below, dedicated volunteers from the non-profit come across a water-logged barn next to which a cow is desperately trying to keep its heads above the flood. 

Springing into action, the crew steers the boat towards the cow in order to get close enough to rescue her. 

After a few minutes, the dedicated rescue team successfully secures a rope around the sweet cow’s nose and head so that they can guide her through the flood and to shelter. 

Thanks to the efforts of these brave volunteers, this lucky cow was saved from her dire situation and is now in the care of the sanctuary. 


While she will surely take some time to fully recover from the terrifying experience she went through, this sweet cow is doing as well as can be expected. Clearly aware that she is now safe with people who care about her well-being, she is starting to calm down and settle in.



If it wasn’t for the kind people at Skylands Animal Sanctuary, this beautiful cow more than likely wouldn’t have made it out of the storm alive. But fortunately, help arrived just in the nick of time, and her life was saved. Still, there are many other pets and farm animals still in urgent need of rescue and care after Hurricane Florence, and Skylands needs your help to ensure that their organization can aid as many of them as possible.

If you are able to, please consider donating to this team’s animal-saving efforts here. In the wake of this devastating disaster, vital rescue groups like this one need all the funding they can get to continue providing care, supplies, and support to the many helpless animals stranded in the floods.


Lead Image Source: Skylands Animal Sanctuary/Facebook