We can’t even begin to imagine the fear this poor dog must have felt being stuck between the bars of this gate. While it’s unclear how she managed to get herself into the scary situation, the sweet girl had no way to get out. Thank goodness the Animal Aid Unlimited team got to her before things got any worse.

Once the team arrived to rescue the terrified dog, it was obvious she was suffering from more than just being stuck. She also had some severe wounds that were infested with maggots. Imagine being literally eaten alive and being unable to move, poor baby! The rescuers tried their best to maneuver her out of the gate but she wouldn’t budge. They had no choice but to cut the bars to free her.

Once the old girl was transported to the Animal Aid shelter, she was immediately treated, given fluids, and a full meal. Finally, she was able to experience a gentle touch and kindness. She was also given the name Dotty, one just as sweet and innocent as the pup. Though it was a long, hard road, seeing Dotty’s remarkable recovery is nothing short of heartwarming. You’ll be smiling from ear to ear!

The Animal Aid Unlimited team does incredible work day after day on behalf of these innocent street dogs and we are incredibly thankful Dotty ended up in their capable and compassionate care. To see even more deserving dogs get the life-saving treatment they desperately need click here and donate today.