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“Save the Whales” has been a campaign slogan for decades in the fight for animal rights, and it is just as relevant today as it was before. There are many factors contributing to the demise of whales, including plastic pollution, entanglement with fishing nets, collisions with vessels, overfishing of their food sources, and noise pollution from seismic blasts from oil drilling.

A petition on Care2 states the shocking fact that there are only 450 North Atlantic Right Whales left in the world, with only 100 of them being breeding females. With numbers this low, all efforts must be executed in order for this species to survive.


The petition is calling on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to step in to protect these whales by doing several things: tracking the whales, making vessels change routes as necessary to avoid collisions with whales, adding more lights to fishing equipment, and continuing to monitor line placement.

The world cannot afford to wait; we must act NOW to save the last North Atlantic Right Whales before they face extinction. PLEASE take a moment to sign this petition and help be a voice for the whales.

And please remember to share this with your network to spread awareness and support for our planet’s whales!
Buzz Petition

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons