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Fairs can be a family-friendly, fun-filled arena where a community comes together and memories are made. However, fairs are far from being a happy place for animals. Many are aware that animals who are considered livestock, such as pigs and sheep, are raised for their meat and presented before judges at auctions at fairs, where a monetary value is placed on their lives.  The auction is not the only unsafe event for animals at fairs, though.

Innocent animals are also used as “entertainment” at fairs.  Animals like goats and rabbits are put on public display in petting zoos, ponies are forced to tirelessly give rides to ticket-holders, animals like sheep are put in costumes for chaotic races, while other animals like piglets are corralled for cruel pig scrambles.

What is a pig scramble exactly? It is when a group of frightened baby piglets, sometimes covered in grease, are released in an enclosure filled with loud, rowdy, sugar-fueled children who are encouraged to chase the piglets, tackle and grab them any way they can, and shove the piglets in bags in order to win a prize. From the piglets’ perspective, this is a complete nightmare, and many suffer serious injuries to their small, fragile bodies, like broken bones and internal damage.

A fair that will be conducting pig scrambles this year is the Deerfield Fair in New Hampshire, which welcomes kids ages 8-13 to participate in the cruel event each and every day of the fair.

A petition has been set up to help end these pig scrambles at Deerfield Fair. If you love animals and cannot bear to see piglets treated this way, please take a moment to sign this petition. If you are in the New Hampshire area, a protest is also planned to stop the event.

Many people view pig scrambles and other fair events involving animals as “entertainment,” so please share this with your network to help spread awareness about the truth regarding animals at fairs.

Buzz Petition

Image Source: Scott Bauer/Wikimedia Commons

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10 Months Ago

I emailed, and suggested the following - sometimes change can only happen if you provide some honey, and I thought this would be a great way to get the Fair to seriously consider changing the event (Please consider this was embedded within the text of an email, which implored them to consider the inhumaneness of the original event):

" I\'d like to suggest an alternative event: There are amazing and entertaining events that children love to participate in during county fairs that do not scare small children like these baby piglets. Even simply allowing the children to interact with the piglets and play with them with toys and obstacles and treats would be a wonderful alternative - they are playful and social, and are highly intelligent and capable of learning tricks and showing the kids affection, just like puppies. This would be an easy adjustment to make to your scheduled event, requiring no significant changes to infrastructural set-ups. "

Please continue to provide them with a little honey with your words - we cannot win these fights with anger and pain and suffering alone!!

10 Months Ago



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