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Most of us would agree that dogfighting is one of the worst acts of cruelty when it comes to America’s favorite companion animal. Despite the fact that it is illegal in all 50 states, dogfighting still occurs. Dogs who are bred and trained for dogfighting undergo abuse and mistreatment while bait dogs are used to train other dogs to kill and left for dead once their abusers have no more use for them. This is a horrific life for any living being and no dog should have to endure this cruelty for human entertainment. Thankfully, there are many groups working to rescue and rehabilitate dogs formerly used for illegal fighting rings.

You would think after having gone through such traumatic experiences, these dogs would immediately begin rehabilitation upon rescue. Sadly, this process can be unnecessarily long and drawn out, leaving dogs in desperate need of rehabilitation and a home to suffer in a shelter or holding facility.


A Care2 Petition has been set up by the ASPCA to serve as a voice for these innocent animals. The petition is calling on U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to support the HEART (Help Extract Animals from Red Tape) Act. According to the ASPCA, the HEART Act will enable judges to require the owners of seized animals to be responsible for the costs of their care in federal animal-fighting cases. It will also help animals find homes faster by speeding up the court processes that allow them to be rehabilitated and adopted.

We are all aware that court cases can last for months and sometimes even years, but that should not be a reason for dogfighting victims to continue suffering. They have already been through so much and deserve to be put first in the situation. From the moment these dogs are cleared from a vet and behaviorist, they should be using as much time as possible to learn, love, and grow in preparation for a new life. If you agree, sign the petition and let your voice be heard!

If you suspect that dogfighting or abuse is happening in your area, contact your local authorities or click here for a list of hotlines to report dogfighting rings or abuse. It is up to us to give a voice to these innocent dogs!

Buzz Petition

Image Source: Pixabay