You don’t really have to give us a reason to eat vegan butter … but if doing so helps formerly captive elephants then we will definitely take the added incentive! Miyoko’s Kitchen, a vegan company known for making such delights as artisanal cheeses, cream cheeses, and butter, has teamed up with Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) to help captive elephants.

For the month of April, one percent of online purchases for Miyoko’s vegan butter will go directly towards PAWS’ efforts to rescue and rehabilitate animals from severe abuse and neglect. PAWS provides sanctuary to animals, such as formerly captive elephants, who are too old or sick. To purchase Miyoko’s vegan butter, click here


If helping rescued elephants by enjoying vegan butter wasn’t enough for you … you can feel even better about your decision knowing that Miyoko’s recently ditched plastic packaging and started using eco-friendly packaging for their butter!

If you’re interested in learning how Miyoko Schinner, the founder of Miyoko’s Kitchen, built a cheese empire, check out this recent interview with Nil Zacharias on the #EatForThePlanet podcast!

If you’re looking for more information on how your food choices impact the planet, check out the #EatForThePlanet book! Hint: once you’re done with the book, pass it on to a friend!


Image Source: Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)/Facebook