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Trapped behind bars and confined in body restraints, laboratory animals are at the hands of animal testing and undergo painful experiments — all in the name of science. Science has also brought us alternative tests that do not harm animals, but many companies have not made any attempts to stop the animal cruelty.

Furthermore, companies aren’t scrutinized enough to make these changes. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) oversees products that go through animal testing with its Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. However, the acts wording is so vague, stating that the FDA “has consistently advised cosmetic manufacturers to employ whatever testing is appropriate,” that it doesn’t stop companies from continuing their cruel tests on animals, as reported by OGP’s Kate Good.

Mascara is continually applied on rabbits, while chemicals are continuously dropped into their eyes. Chimpanzees and beagles endure a series of other long and painful procedures. You have to ask yourself, is it worth it? No. Harming animals never is.

Because today is World Lab Animal Day, let’s remember the little guys who can’t speak for themselves. But, let’s not also forget the rescues that have come out from laboratories as well. Check out these 5 videos of rescued lab animals:

1. Ninety rescued beagles feel grass beneath their paws for the first time

2. One hundred retired lab chimps see the sky for the first time

3. Thirty-eight chimps, caged for 30 years, gain freedom

4. These beagles see sun and grass for the very first time

5. A four-year-old chimpanzee is finally free to do what she wants to do, without the confines of a laboratory cage


Image Source: Valentina Storti/Flickr

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63 comments on “Celebrate World Lab Animal Day with Heartwarming Videos of Animals That Are Finally Free!”

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Andrew Koski
5 Months Ago

Stop testing on these poor animals, We should start looking at prisons.. We have alot of inmates to go around........

Erica Lynn Bailey
1 Years Ago

So so sad for these poor babies. Maybe Soon we will learn.

Gina Cherny
1 Years Ago

They should be free and If we have to test on animal's, should we really be using it in the first place?

Marie Laurent
1 Years Ago

Mon frère,ma soeur ma famille .

Pete Conklin
1 Years Ago

Ooohhh hell yeah!

Stephany Alexander
1 Years Ago

So touching. This is for you Camille Marino!

Andrew Koski
03 Feb 2015

There are other ways , Stop testing these poor animals. We should be doing the testing on inmates. we have alot of prisions.....

Vicki Weston Thornton
1 Years Ago

Stop all cruelty to animals...including the circus...I'm glad they are free from the cages, but they can't be released into their wild habitat...if they were left alone, that's where they would be now and their lifetime....terrible..there are other ways..

Victoria Partington
1 Years Ago

Just cried, so so wrong x

Tresha Gassman
1 Years Ago

There should NEVER, EVER be testing on animals. Period...

Kristen Beck
1 Years Ago

P.O.S humans!


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