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A sweet dog named Lola has been rescued by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC under the saddest of circumstances. Not only did this poor baby get hit by a car, but her heartless owners watched it happen and then had the audacity to dump her at a high-kill shelter in Texas during her time of need. While the cruelty and selfishness of people may no longer be shocking, you can’t help but feel disgusted and ashamed that innocent animals continue to suffer at the hands of humans. Lola’s owners felt no compassion, even exclaiming, “we don’t want her … take her to the back.”

Thankfully, there are good people waiting around every corner to stand up for those in need. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC worked diligently to ensure that Lola wouldn’t die in pain, feeling worthless. They are committed to making sure Lola not only makes a full recovery physically but also emotionally.

Lola has received life-saving emergency medical care and the rescue team is awaiting a full report on her condition. As of right now, they do know that she has several broken bones as a result of the accident, so any donations to help with her medical care would be appreciated. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC has already started this precious girl on the road to the life she deserves and it’s only going to get better. Lola, you are beautiful, special, and worthy of all the love in the world.

To make a donation to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and help dogs just like Lola, click here.

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5 comments on “Wow… Heartless Owners Watched Their Dog Get Hit By a Car, Then Told High-Kill Shelter to ‘Take Her to the Back’ (VIDEO)”

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17 Days ago


17 Days ago

Firstly, why did the owners watch their dog being injured ? And secondly, did anyone attempt to intervene while this was happening ? The owners should be punished for animal abuse. Surely they are responsible for throwing this poor pup away like trash.

17 Days ago

This may be partially true, Janet, but there are high kill shelters where animals are killed in great numbers. I notice you like the truth though so maybe you and so many others should stop using the word euthanize. Euthanization is a kinder and gentler death for those suffering a severely painful condition/disease that will not go away until the person dies. I ahve seen on animal sites \'euthanization by gas chamber". That is killing as are most dogs in shelters. I am pretty sure that Jews and others would have not thought they were being euthanized and neither are dogs who die because of space or convenience or because they are pit bulls. I know you care and I for that I am grateful.
As for Lola- I say toss them out the window on a busy highway. Thankfully she will have much better people than those pieces of dreck.

Janet Justice
17 Days ago

Why do you keep using the term "high kill shelter" in your articles? It\'s incredibly offensive to people that work in what are actually "open intake shelters". All your harsh language does is ensure more animals die while you mislead the public.

No Kill Rescues get to pick and choose what animals they want to take. These animals are generally the most adoptable or medical cases within the rescue\'s budget. This of course ignores the rescues that are nothing more than tax exempt hoarders.

Very few rescues take senior animals or those with health/behavior issues. The lion share of dogs euthanized in this country are adult pits which are very difficult to find good homes for. All Where are the lauded no kill rescues that will pull hundreds of thousands of these dogs into their programs each year? Then we have cats of which there is a serious overpopulation in this country. TNR only goes so far and many communities don\'t want feral cats, again where are all the no kill rescues?

Even shelters with a 90% save rate technically considered no kill are playing a lot of games to manage their numbers. Things like only accepting owner surrenders once a week, or sometimes not at all. This means animals die cruel deaths and/or are turned loose on the streets to reproduce. All to perpetuate a myth and assuage an uneducated public.

If you want to save animals then start doing a much more honest job informing your readers and stop with the click bait. Great animals die every day that don\'t fit your tired narrative.

17 Days ago

here\'s hoping the owners of this dog gets hit by a fucking bus and are walked to the back.


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