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We’ve all been there. We’ve done something terrible, something utterly heinous, and there’s nothing left to do in the moments before we must face accountability for our actions than to resign ourselves to our fate. We choose to face the music with grace and dignity.

Or, there’s the other option of throwing ourselves at the mercy of a third party to try and garner sympathy. Really, sometimes a good grovel and a little sucking up can be pretty effective. Specifically when you’re the cutest Border Collie ever and staying mad at you is a Herculean task.

Honestly, we know that we’re softies, but we think it’s pretty safe to say that the punishment dolled out for this dog’s transgression is going to be on the minimal side. One look at those big, sweet eyes and the desperate attempts to gain forgiveness with a snuggle and we’d be goners. What can we say? We’re suckers for a big, ole doggy smooch.

Lead Image Credit: C.J. Huffman/YouTube

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0 comments on “Guilty Border Collie Knows She’s in Trouble and Does The Most Adorable Thing (VIDEO)”

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3 Years Ago

OMG so adorable - Dogs are God\'s gift to an undeserving humanity !!!!!

Mona Poe
3 Years Ago

We moved into an apartment once and when it was cold and the heat was on, the smell of urine would become quite noticeable. After months even getting down on my stomach and sniffing the room sized rug in vain, I just followed my nose which led me to the bottom 2 feet of the curtains in the living room behind a loveseat. Yup, there were no stains but the curtains themselves reeked of urine. Since this was US Government housing, and I had complained about the smell before, thinking it was in the cracks of the floor, I took down the curtains, bagged them in big trash bags and took them to the officer in charge of household furnishings. I do not recall if we ever got new curtains but at least there were the thin white ones that I could and did wash. I do not recall if we ever got new curtains but when we told our friends and neighbors what we had discovered, they believed our story because, they all told me, the woman who had lived in our apartment just before us had taken in about nine cats and they used to pull up the curtains into the recessed window ledge and sleep, and obviously "p" there too.

Jim Chee
3 Years Ago

This is NOT a cute video. This dog is being punished for an extended period of time. Border Collies are the most intelligent dogs, but unless the "crime" occurred fairly recently, or this dog was trained to behave this way as a "performance" then it\'s behavior is in response to the tone of the man\'s voice and it\'s trying to make amends. This is ongoing punishment. Not funny. In agreement with Shirley H. also. If this dog chewed it\'s bed, it probably needs a job to do to occupy it\'s intelligent brain.

31 Dec 2014

fuck off faggot

31 Dec 2014

Border Collie\'s just do that. Mine crawls all over me just like that for any reason, or for no reason at all. I always say that she would crawl inside my skin if she could. Plus, the dog in the video does not speak English, and has no idea what that guy is saying.

3 Years Ago

Border Collies need tons of exercise. They probably chew things up like that when they aren\'t exercised enough. Who is at fault for that? Not the dog.

Babette Olsen
3 Years Ago

LOL I had to watch this twice, it is so cute and funny. Yes, grovel .. lick his nose if you have to .. she is adorable and now I want a Border Collie !

3 Years Ago

That is so sweet! We had a German Shepherd who used to give himself a time out when he did something wrong. We never even taught him that. Usually, it was something silly like torn newspapers. Normally, the dog would be at the door all excited when we returned; however, if he wasn\'t there, we\'d find him in the bathtub, head hung low. We\'d say: "OK, Griz, what did you do?" at which point he\'d try and suck up like the dog in the video. It was so funny! He\'d stay in the tub until we told him it was OK. Up to the day he passed, we still never figured out how he learned about time outs. Guess he knew he needed to show submission, even though he was never mistreated in any way, but given unconditional love. Such a sweet baby; we still miss him dearly.

Shirley H
31 Dec 2014

The real thing is why did she eat her bed, because she is a working dog penned up with nothing to do these dogs need tons of exercise, they were bread to work cattle and sheep most any kind of live stock all day. They love to work, not made for house confinement, I\'ve seen them eat walls, doors couches beds. Then the owners take the to the shelter. They need a job, they love to play frisbee. She\'s not a bad dog, she just has parents that don\'t understand her needs. They are smart, this girl is just bored. Get busy and give her something to do.

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