Greyhound protection organization GREY2K USA recently shared the happy story of a group of dogs who were saved from a Chinese slaughterhouse and brought to safety! The long journey to their new home in the U.S. was more than worth it – these pups will finally be able to lead normal lives and be adopted into loving families.

The dogs were escorted by GREY2K USA’s Vice President, Eric Jackson.

The Greyhounds’ rescue was possible thanks to incredible teamwork and the priceless help of volunteers.

The effort was organized by Sonia Healy Stratemann and Elite Greyhound Adoptions South Florida.

The rescued Greyhounds successfully completed the journey and arrived safely in Houston, Texas.

From there, they were sent on their way to Florida – one step closer to finding their real homes!


GREY2K USA Worldwide is the largest Greyhound protection organization in the world. Since its formation in 2001, the non-profit has been working to pass stronger Greyhound protection laws and end dog racing on national and international levels.

Dog meat consumption in China has been declining since the beginning of the 21st Century, but around 20 million dogs are still being killed for meat in the country each year. Social attitudes toward the practice are changing and, according to Humane Society International, most people in China do not eat dog meat and are looking forward to the issue of the illegal dog meat trade to be tackled.

Thankfully, these rescued dogs will no longer have to fear for their lives! To learn more about GREY2K USA, click here.

All image source: Sonia Healy Stratemann/Facebook