Most Sundays in my world are reserved for playing, sleeping and hanging out with my hoomans. After all, saving the world on a daily basis is tough work, and even us dogs need a break once in a while. But this Sunday, I’m more excited than my normal level (which let’s be honest, is always super high, because I’m a dog and the world is great!). Why?! Well, my favorite funnyman British comedian Ricky Gervais is hosting the Golden Globes!

Me and Ricky go wayyyy back – I’ve been literally rolling on the rolling laughing thanks to this dude for years and years (yes, my hoomans appreciate the subtle British of the original *cough* better *cough* Office). But the real reason that I love Ricky is because he loves animals.


He might be known by other two-legged folk for being outspoken and unabashed when it comes to commenting on ridiculous things other hoomans do … but when he does this for animals, it’s pretty darn epic.

Mr. Gervais is always up to give a voice to tortured lab animals, he doesn’t hesitate when it comes to speaking up for homeless cats and dogs, he helped save the Ikea monkey, and he is always there to dish out some real talk to stupid (and I mean REALLY stupid) people who do things like hunt animals as trophies.

Speaking of trophies, however, this got me thinking … as Ricky is planning for the Golden Globes, he’s probably thinking about all the celebs who will be getting awards. But what I’m (and arguably most people) wondering is who makes Ricky’s list of people who DEFINITELY won’t be getting awards … or maybe getting awards for other, more suitable things.

Let’s take a look…

1. Worst Performance as a “Conservationist”

6 Awards Ricky Gervais Will be Giving Out
2. Worst Supporting Actress to the Above Jerk


3. Lifetime of Cruelty in Entertainment Achievement Award

6 Awards Ricky Gervais Will be Giving Out

4. Worst Original Idea to Abuse Animals for Sport

6 Awards Ricky Gervais Will be Giving Out

5. Best Onscreen Performance of Why Tigers Belong in the Wild

6 Awards Ricky Gervais Will be Giving Out

6. Most Rabbit Tears in Makeup and Hairstyling

6 Awards Ricky Gervais Will be Giving Out