George Clooney made recent news, not because he’s starring in a new film, but because of his big heart. He surprised his parents on Christmas by bringing a rescued disabled dog named Nate into their lives!

Nate, the handsome fella on the left (pictured below), was one of 22 dogs rescued from an animal hoarding case. Half of the dogs rescued, including Nate, ended up at LuvForMutts, an animal rescue center in Ohio. Many of the dogs were in bad health, but Nate was so malnourished that rescuers could count his ribs. To make matters worse, he was born with a barrel chest and an unstable leg. All of these factors made Nate’s journey to finding a forever home a long and challenging one. Nate spent nine months in the shelter … but then, George Clooney found him!


Hello, handsome(s).

George Clooney Adopts a Disabled Pup For His Parents


When Clooney came across Nate on the shelter’s website, he showed his parents YouTube videos of the scruffy pup, and they both fell in love. From there, he arranged for Nate’s adoption, and the sweet dog reached his forever home by Christmas Eve!

If you’re ready to let a shelter pet into your life, please consider adoption. To learn more about how to be the best guardian ever for your adoptee, click here.

Image source: USA Today and LuvForMutts