Gardein, a brand that makes dozens of easy-to-cook meat-free products such as Seven Grain Chicken Tenders, Chick’n Patties, Beefless Tips, Meatless Meatloaf, and much more, is once again making dinner decisions super easy. At Natural Foods Expo West 2018, an annual natural foods convention in Anaheim, California, Gardein introduced their skillet meals!

Gardein’s new skillet meals come in mouth-watering varieties such as: Chick’n Florentino, Rigatoni n’ Sausage, Chick’n Fiesta, and Asian Chick’n Fried Rice. 



All you have to do is heat it up and you have a delicious, sustainable dinner!




Gardein’s commitment to making easy-to-prepare, sustainable, meat-free meals is admirable as most consumers make purchasing decisions based on taste and convenience. Considering the immense toll the animal agriculture industry is having on our planet, this is promising news. This is also a very smart move on Gardein’s part because the plant-based meat market is set to reach $6.43 billion by 2023 – a great sign that sustainable plant-based products are taking over the market for a more sustainable future!

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Lead Image Source: gardein/Facebook