Too often, the media is full of negative stories about humans being cruel to animals. But the truth is, there are also a large number of unreported stories about people helping animals, too. The good news is that every day, there are people all over the world taking time out of their busy schedules to save the lives of animals.

This story takes us to Stockholm Sweden, where two garbage men got the surprise of their lives while transporting a dumpster full of food waste to the incinerator. Mercil Bekir and his colleagues were finishing up the day’s rounds when someone heard a mewing sound coming from the back of the truck.


The crew full of animal lovers immediately got permission to empty out the truck, before putting its contents into the incinerator. “Otherwise it would have headed for the incinerator, and you can just imagine what would have happened,” Bekir said.

Garbage kitty


But trying to find the distressed kitty proved to be a little more difficult than they anticipated, as the men were forced to pick through and break open a large number of trash bags, all filled with smelly, rotten food.

“We had a shovel to remove the waste as carefully as we could without doing any harm, and used a broom to try to get the kitten out.” says Bekir. It took the men over 30 minutes to locate and free the animal, who is  believed to have fallen into the trash truck while looking for food earlier in the morning. The poor kitten was covered in wet, stinky goo and  petrified, frantically trying to escape.

Garbage kitty gross



Fortunately, this story has a happy ending as the men took the kitten to a local animal shelter. After a bath, a meal and a little rest, the lucky little kitty is as good as new.


Garbage Kitty Recovered


The staff at the shelter have named him Melker, and he is now eagerly awaiting his furever home. This touching story is just another example of how simple acts of  human kindness towards animals can save lives!