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Get ready to feel empowered and enraged toward humanity! From the director that brought you the Oscar-winning 2009’s “The Cove,” comes “6” — a work-in-progress, whose name alludes to humanity creating the sixth extinction. The documentary explores the role humans play in exasperating the mass extinction of endangered species, with Director and Oceanic Preservation Society‘s (OPS) Executive Director, Louie Psihoyos, starring in the film.

Debuting the night of April 25 at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, the documentary takes you behind the scenes, into places you’d probably never would have seen, with a thrill that surmounts to a James Bond sort of film. This is a eco-thriller that will leave you hanging off your seat, ready to take action and create change.

“There are things going on that are probably not safe to talk about,” said an OPS member in the newly released “6” trailer.

He’s referring to the profiting of endangered animals, and all animals for that matter. OPS has been active in their fight against animal cruelty — and just last December, released a passionate, three-page-long open reply letter in response to SeaWorld ‘s open letter about orca captivity. More recently, OPS was able to help bust a endangered shark slaughterhouse in China.

The filmmakers of “6” are just as tough. They act in covert operations with bottle cams and button hole cameras to showcase the cruelty happening right NOW all over the world.

“We need to have a get-away driver, and I knew one of the best,” said Psihoyos in the trailer, who was able to get a race car driver on board.

He wanted “to create a heist to grab the world’s attention.” And with “6,” no one can ignore the sad fate that will ultimately happen if nothing is to be done.

“We are one step away from greatness — or the greatest disaster of the last 65 million years,” said Psihoyos.

For more information about “6,” check out the film’s Facebook page here.

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30 comments on “From the Director Who Brought Us the Oscar-Winning ‘The Cove,’ Comes ‘6’”

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Shaun Dale
4 Years Ago

Cant wait Isha Simpson!

Isha Simpson
4 Years Ago

Tayoh Simpson Shaun Dale Kirstie Hall

Lynn M Jenkinson
4 Years Ago

To Paulina Lam, the author of the article: Thank you for writing this piece. I know your heart was in it. That said, when we are attempting to present material such as this, it is important to do so in a manner that lends credibility to the article. The following sentence needs to be corrected. "...The documentary explores the role humans play in exasperating the mass extinction of endangered species..." The word "exasperating" should have been "exacerbating". Exasperating means frustrating. "Exacerbating" means to make worse. Again, I thank you for your efforts on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves.

Van Anh
4 Years Ago

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Viviana Alverde Holm
4 Years Ago

Can't wait!!

Kathie Lightfoot
4 Years Ago

I saw it an it's amazing, can't wait to see the whole thing.

Gina McDonald
4 Years Ago

Very compelling

Diana Collins Barrowcliff
4 Years Ago

The world is a beautiful place and nature is gorgeous don't let them take that away from us and the future generations that hopefully will need it.

Gemma Beugg
4 Years Ago

Hannah worth a look! This is just the trailer :)

Adam Alan Raven
4 Years Ago

I think the video should go viral, everyone should watch it.


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