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Animals really know how to make a recovery, don’t they? From horses going from nearly dead to thriving to dogs learning to walk again in the face of adversity, animals really get this whole “getting right back up after falling” thing.

But this little guy takes the cake. Meet Frank, a 1 and a half year old dachshund. After being severely mistreated by his previous owners, Frank has since found a new family and now is “the happiest dog ever.” So happy, in fact, that he just can’t help but show how happy he is even in his sleep!  Prepare for a great laugh from this short video, where Frank displays his ultimate happiness for the world to see.

How can you make other dogs as happy as Frank is? Well, it may begin with you giving them a good home. Consider adopting a pup or other animal companion in need today! Do remember to adopt (and not buy), though! Who knows — maybe adopting a new animal friend will make YOU as happy as Frank too!


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54 comments on “Frank Was Mistreated and Abandoned, But Now He’s the Happiest Dog Ever. Just Watch How He Sleeps!”

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Lucas Imahorse
3 Years Ago


Jessie Quoyeser
3 Years Ago

Neva Derewetzky this will make you happy inside

Blondiec Allen
3 Years Ago

Karen Felker lol

Karlene Nickels
3 Years Ago

Please neuter your pet.

Denya Blanco
3 Years Ago

Margarida De Silva Geraldes

Jëaninë du Pļänti
3 Years Ago

This is so cute! I love that he's sleeping and wagging his tail. My daughter and I adopted a senior Boston terrier some years ago and he had been abused and dumped at the animal shelter, who, in their infinite wisdom, decided to place him in a pen with 2 German shepherds. Of course, they attacked him and in the fray, he lost an eye. When we got him from the BT rescue group, his eye had been removed and sewn shut and he had punctures all over his head. He'd obviously been starved, as his sides were as wide as his spine. Very sad boy. It appeared he had never been allowed on furniture, because whenever we had him on the bed with us and our Pug, he would fall asleep and immediately jerk wake like he was in trouble. One day, about 6 months after we got him, we were all on the bed and we noticed he was on his back sleeping soundly! We knew we had finally turned the corner with this little guy. It made us very happy.

The Judgmental Vegan
17 Jul 2014

What a happy ending! Thank you for sharing :-)

Juliana Fernandes
3 Years Ago

Valquiria Ferreira olhe este video... me fez ri :)

Suzan Yakar
3 Years Ago

love this. if pets are sleeping in this position, you are doing good to them! just relaxing and feeling safe and protected! it´s a gift if an animal does so when it is close to you!

LA Reilly
3 Years Ago

most places have them altered before they are adopted..wonder why this one didn't do that?...He is a love bug though and a huge Thank You to the family who adopted him.

Linda Chavez
3 Years Ago

Watch this Renee Chavez it's very cute :)


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