Finding a forever home for a big, beautiful, exotic cat is no small job. Luckily The Wildcat Sanctuary is ready and waiting to meet the challenge! Recently, they welcomed a 16-year-old cougar into their forever family.

Max is 16 years young and looking fabulousApparently Max is 84 in cat years. Talk about aging gracefully!

Max face




Max was surrendered by a private owner after a divorce settlement in 2011. The Lake Superior Zoo agreed to take him in as part of an effort to discourage the keeping of exotic pets. Max lived at the Lake Superior Zoo for six years until his enclosure flooded. Once The Wildcat Sanctuary heard about the incident, they reached out to have this elderly cougar transferred into their care. After many arrangements, he was on his way!

Transporting a cougar isn’t easy on anyone. But Max hung in there!




Max is quite old, has arthritis, and is declawed on all four of his paws. Despite that, he has a cheerful demeanor and loves to be around people. However, it’s important to remember that exotic animals like Max aren’t meant to be house pets. It’s great that The Wildcat Sanctuary and the Lake Superior Zoo were able to care for this gorgeous cougar, but the end goal is to have no big cats living in captivity in the first place.

Thanks to The Wildcat Sanctuary, Max is going to live the rest of his life in the lap of luxury. If you’d like to send a little love their way, visit the donation page here. Also, be sure to share this article with your friends to put a stop to captive big cats!

All image source: Wildcat Sanctuary