Puppies are adorable and really, really smart. If you’ve ever had a puppy, you can probably think of at least one time when it got itself into a difficult, and usually messy, situation.

The guardian of this fluffy pup decided to take matters into their own hands and install a baby gate to keep the puppy out of things he had no business in. Unsurprisingly, the pup finds its way out in hilarious fashion. Just listen to the precious noise he makes when he squeezes out!


On a more serious note, you shouldn’t use a baby gate to keep your pet out. Like the puppy in the video, they could actually get stuck and end up hurting themselves. Instead, try using positive reinforcement training to keep them out permanently or a dog crate to keep them out for a short time.

If all else fails, try puppy proofing your house with puppy friendly devices.