A new school has been built in Nigeria, and it’s unlike any you’ve ever seen! In Makoko, a poor fishermen and migrant community on the waterfront of Lagos, thousands of people live in stilt homes on the water. To make it easier for children to attend school, Nigerian architect Kunlé Adeyemi has designed a school that floats atop 256 recycled plastic barrels. Not only is Adeyemi combatting plastic pollution, which often affects poor communities first, but he’s also enabling children to get the education they deserve!

This floating mobile pyramid structure is three stories high, can endure harsh weather, and even has a small playground. Forty-seven students currently attend for free, thanks to donations, but the structure can hold up to 100! Students travel to and from the school by canoe, and when classes are out, the lower platform turns into a community space.




With 8.8 million tons of plastic getting dumped into the oceans every year, it’s amazing to see communities recycling plastic for good.  With our collective reliance on plastic driving pollution, endangering marine and land animals, and harming human health, we applaud architect Kunlé Adeyemi for taking a stand to #CrushPlastic by giving these plastic barrels a new life!


You Can Help Too! 

One Green Planet believes that our collective reliance on plastic is driving the destruction of our oceans, endangering marine and land animals, and harming human health. While we may appreciate plastic for its convenience, it is long past time for us to wake up and recognize the far-reaching impacts of this temporary luxury.

Reducing everyday plastics from our lives is not about giving up anything or sacrificing convenience, but rather learning to reap the maximum benefit from the items you use every day while having the minimum impact. We might not all be able to build schools out of our plastic recycling, but we can take small actions every day that add up to an enormous positive change!

Let’s #CrushPlastic! Click the graphic below for more information.




Image source: NLE/Facebook