A garage fire broke out in Palm Coast, Florida after the homeowner, Roy Casey, inadvertently started a fire with what he thought was an extinguished cigarette while attempting to repair a refrigerator. After trying to extinguish the blaze himself, Casey contacted the Flager fire department who quickly responded to the scene.

Casey was able to safely escape the blaze along with his five-year-old daughter, but the family dogs were unfortunately left to fend for themselves. According to reports, some of the dogs managed to escape and run to safety on their own, but there was also a litter of puppies in the home.




Thankfully, the local fire department was able to rescue the helpless pups in time, but the poor little guys had inhaled a lot of smoke. While they didn’t appear too injured, they were a little sluggish, likely from lack of oxygen.



The firefighters were more than prepared to care for the puppies, with the help of the Casey’s neighbor, Margaret King, the puppies were given the oxygen they needed. The puppies and the other dogs saved from the home will be staying at Sophie’s Circle animal rescue until the Casey’s can return to their home.



It is times like these that make having a set emergency plan for both your human and animal family members is so important. While you hope that you will never have to use this plan, it can be an actual life-saver if you ever do. If you don’t have an emergency plan for your pets, click here to learn more! Remember, your pets rely on you in an emergency, don’t let them down.

All image source: Flagerlive