If you live in an area native to bats, there’s a good chance you’ve spent a good deal of your life avoiding these nocturnal creatures. That is, if you believe the stereotypes about bats. Despite the fact that these creatures are actually quite adorable when you look past your own fear, most people consider these winged creatures unofficial mascots for all things creepy, scary, and dangerous.Thanks to Halloween, where bats are used interchangeably with other emblems of fear like ghosts and vampires, this misconception only grows.

Well, believe it or not, there are people out there who actually care a great deal about bats. They observe their patterns, spring into action if one is hurt, and carefully observe baby bats if they believe something is awry. Just recently, Fly By Night Bat Clinic, caught wind of abandoned baby bat, or “flying fox pup” as they affectionally refer to them. The little fella, now named McHenry, was seen amongst the tree tops on a cold and rainy day. After the organization observed the baby for 24 hours and saw that no mother appeared to be coming back for him, they decided to call the fire department to retrieve the little guy.


The Metropolitan Fire Brigade quickly made their way over to the site and started setting up for the rescue.

Bat Fire 1

The mission required a very tall ladder and a brave soul – both of which the department had. 

Bat Fire 2

According to Fly By Night Bat Clinic’s Facebook post, this wasn’t the first time firefighters have come to the rescue for one of their beloved bats. What a helpful crew! 

Bat Fire 3

After a careful ascent and descent, the baby bat was brought down safely and quickly wrapped to protect him from the cold and comfort him from the fear he surely felt.

Bat Fire 4

McHenry is now in the care of Fly By Night where he will be fed and loved until he is big enough to return to his colony. 

Bat Fire 5


We’re so glad that McHenry is alright! Who knows how long this fragile baby would have survived up there with no mother or protection from the whipping winds and cold air. As bad as a rep as bats have, it’s important for us to remember that bats actually do a great deal of good for society. Most notably, they help manage pests like mosquitoes and aid in the pollination process. Pretty helpful in our opinion! Share this article to help people drop their preconceived notions about this adorable and valuable creature! 

All image source: Fly By Night Bat Clinic/Facebook