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It’s heartbreaking to know there are people out there who have no compassion, no inner compass, and no regard for life in the least. One such person in Mansfield, Ohio made the choice to light a firecracker in a cat’s rectum, leaving the cat, named Katy P., fighting for her life. A Care2 petition has been set up urging local authorities to act on this horrendous crime and find the evil person responsible.

The neighborhood stray was reportedly an extremely friendly and social cat, and it’s heartbreaking that someone took advantage of that trust. According to Missy Houghton with the Humane Society of Richland County, it is one of the worst cases of animal abuse she has ever seen. The Humane Society is also offering a reward for the arrest of the disgusting individual who did it. Getting this “human” off the streets is not only important to the safety of other animals but to the public also! The Mansfield police need to step up and take this case seriously before it’s too late … sign the petition now and tell them you won’t idly stand by while the perpetrator is still out there.


Numerous studies have shown that people who intentionally abuse animals are statistically likely to also harm people. We can’t allow heartless individuals to live comfortably without paying for their actions while innocent lives are at risk! It’s incomprehensible how anyone could be so cruel, malicious, and heartless. Sadly, these people are out there, and we depend on law enforcement to protect the innocent and punish offenders. Sometimes (and sadly), however, we as animal lovers need to give them an extra push to get the job done.

Please keep sweet Katy P. in your thoughts and prayers that she may have a quick and smooth recovery.

Buzz Petition

Image Source: Humane Society of Richland County/ Facebook