Finally! Dancing Monkeys in Jakarta to be Rescued

In Jakarta, monkeys that have been dressed up and used to perform as street buskers may be getting a much deserved retirement and rehabilitation.

The Jakarta Animal Aid Network has been campaigning for a change due to the abusive conditions the monkeys have endured. According to a spokeswoman, these include having their teeth cut out, being starved, and being forced to hang upside down for long periods of time in order to become submissive.


According to BBC news Asia, Governor Joko Widodo made the decision to end the street performances because he wanted to save the monkeys, as well as protect humans from the diseases they may carry. Such diseases have included rabies, tuberculosis, hepatitis and the bacterial disease, leptospirosis.

What will happen to the monkeys once they are taken off the street? The Star reports that, “The city government will buy back all monkeys used as street buskers for about $90 and shelter them at a one-hectare preserve at Jakarta’s Ragunan Zoo. The handlers and caretakers will be provided vocational training to help find new jobs.”

ABC News reports that the neighboring town of Bandung will also be banning monkey shows. Hopefully, the trend continues and the citizens of Jakarta will be able to sustain themselves wiith more humane occupations.