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Every year Sweetwater, Texas holds an event that has animal rights advocates picking their jaws up off the floor. This event is called the “Rattlesnake Roundup,” and it has been responsible for the celebratory massacre of countless rattlesnakes since 1958.

A petition on Care2 states there is zero scientific backing for the mass-killing of these snakes, whose populations are naturally regulated in the wild. There are no limits on how many snakes hunters are allowed to kill, which Care2 cites as a reason why some rattlesnake species are in such harsh decline.

The method with which these hunters “round up” the rattlesnakes further worsens the problem. According to the petitiongasoline is poured down the snakes’ winter dens, which affects the surrounding earth, water, and around 350 local wildlife species. To add insult to injury, after these animals are “rounded up,” they are presented before loud crowds who cheer while the snakes are mercilessly beheaded with machetes. Hunters who bring in the most and biggest snakes are rewarded with cash prizes, giving incentive to greedy people to kill as many snakes as they can for a moment of pitiful glory.

If you are as appalled as we are by this inhumane practice, please take a moment to sign this petition addressed to Texas Governor Greg Abbott demanding an end to the “Rattlesnake Roundup.”  The senseless murder of innocent animals should never be considered entertainment, and it is up to the public to speak out for the voiceless and protect animals who are brutally targeted. Please be sure to share this story with your network — the power to end animal cruelty begins with public education and awareness.
Buzz Petition
Image Source: Care2 / Isaiah L.

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0 comments on “Sign Petition to End Texas Roundup Where Countless Rattlesnakes Are Beheaded for Entertainment!”

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Tom l rariden
11 Months Ago

im in favor of killing all rattlesnakes

30 Apr 2017

Me too, they are no good however you look at them. Live in Arizona with small kids who can\'t play outside with the knowledge those slimy sods are there...waiting. A good Rattlesnake is a dead one.

11 Months Ago

These animals are not senselessly slaughtered. Someone needs to do more research. I\'ve been to the Rattlesnake Roundup. The snakes\' venom is milked so that antivenin can be made which saves lives. The meat is eaten by people who come to the event. The skins are used for boots and belts, and the rattles are used for keychains and trinkets. Almost every part of the snake is used, not wasted. And in West Texas rattlesnakes are not in short supply. Rounding them up helps control the population and saves the lives of ranchers and their livestock.

Kevin Thomas
11 Months Ago

My heart bleeds! (smirk).

11 Months Ago

Natasha speaks of these reptiles as if they are harmless, defenseless creatures, soulful creatures. They most certainly are not. They are marvelous killing machines. That\'s all they do is kill, eat and make more snakes. If you have ever watched a dog die a slow and painful death because it simply got too close, or a mans arm swell to twice it\'s normal size because he went to empty his trash and a snake was on his trashcan then I do not believe you would be so mournful about these snakes. You also didn\'t mention that the meat is sold to restaurants, and the skins are made into multiple products. Nothing is wasted. Snakes do fill a purpose in the overall ecology, but get your facts right and report all the facts, not just your opinion.

29 Apr 2017

This event bears some resemblances to a canned hunt. Real hunters shouldn\'t respect it.

Besides, if people are rewarded for bringing in snakes, what\'s to stop them from operating snake farms to breed and then bring them in for cash when they mature?

11 Months Ago

I don\'t understand. You liberals are upset over deadly snakes being killed but you are o.k. with thousands of babies, human babies, being murdered every year. You make me sick.

29 Apr 2017

The killing with malice aforethought of other animals by humans (whether "liberals" or "Republican conservatives") is a vast crime against ALL sentient LIFE. In the context of the abortion debate, the position of the "right-to-life" movement would be infinitely more persuasive if you embraced respect for ALL sentient forms of animal life, plant life, and for the Earth that sustains EVERYBODY, not just "human babies." Rattlesnakes are not "free goods" devoid of value, and that upsets me plenty. Your failure to honor ALL sentient life bespeaks an undue adherence to an antiquated religious belief-system that is way past its sell-by date. Moreover....

The earth is severely over-populated and is groaning under the massive weight of too many redundant baby and adult humans – 7 billion now and heading towards 9 billion, a number that is infinitely more disturbing than the national debt figures so beloved by conservative manipulators. This global infestation of bipeds is emitting toxic pollutants, killing other forms of life with no good reason or no reason at all, and generally behaving as if it believes it doesn’t need to worry about the mess it’s making down here on earth because a perfect celestial afterlife awaits. So what about the "deadly snakes" being killed here on Earth? We HUMANS are exceptional, and we\'re destined for eternal life in Heaven!

Simply put, the justification for access to abortion services AND birth control by all means available (including vasectomy for men), is that the planet doesn’t need any more humans, thank you very much. The planet would fare incomparably better and, by extension, so would all the life forms that depend upon it, if the global human population were drastically reduced within the near future, if not now. In the United States, the population at the end of WWII was 150 million. It reached twice that number in 2006 and in six short years has added another 14 million, putting us easily on course to surpass 400 million by mid-century.... Population is not just a problem, it is a meta-problem.

"Cartesians may imagine that animals have no feelings, Thomists that they have no souls (whereas even imbeciles do), but both positions are too obviously inane to convince most of us" (Stephen R. L. Clark, The Moral Status of Animals (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1977), page 10). A 5-week- old seal pup is more sentient, more aware, than a 5-week-old human fetus, the abortion of which the Church condemns as a "sin" and calls "murder": "But a full-grown horse or dog is beyond comparison a more rational, as well as a more conversable animal, than an infant of a day, or a week, or even a month, old," noted the English philosopher, Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832).

Do you understand?

11 Months Ago

who cares about snakes why don\'t you put your efforts into petitioning against muslims beheading and killing Christians?
Human lives are far more valuable than snakes.

29 Apr 2017

GANDHI quote:
My connection with the family I used to visit every Sunday was abruptly broken. In fact it may be said that I was warned to visit it no more. It happened thus. My hostess was a good and simple woman, but somewhat narrow-minded. We always discussed religious subjects. I was then re- reading Arnold\'s Light of Asia. Once we began to compare the life of Jesus with that of Buddha. \'Look at Gautama\'s compassion!\' said I. \'It was not confined to mankind, it was extended to all living beings. Does not one\'s heart overflow with love to think of the lamb joyously perched on his shoulders? One fails to notice this love for all living beings in the life of Jesus.\' The comparison pained the good lady. I could understand her feelings. I cut the matter short, and we went to the dining room. Her son, a cherub aged scarcely five, was also with us. I am happiest when in the midst of children, and this youngster and I had long been friends. I spoke derisively of the piece of meat on his plate and in high praise of the apple on mine. The innocent boy was carried away and joined in my praise of the fruit.

ENDGAME quote:
...I\'m not sure how much quicker you can get than the choice offered to so many Indians as they were tied to stakes, piles of wood around their feet, of Christianity or Death. One Indian asked in response: If he converted to Christianity would he go to heaven? And if so, would there be other Christians there? When he found the answer to both questions was yes, he said he\'d rather burn to death.

Human lives are "far more valuable" to whom? Not to the snakes. I join with the snakes to declare that we do not put absolute value on human life, and absolutely no value on nonhuman life.

‘Mankind is the highest form of life and so incomparably more valuable than a mouse or an ape.’ (DEWAR p. 88.)

By the same argument, and very much more realistically, Dewar himself could be sacrificed to the Nitrogen-fixing Bacterium, that single fluid population which upholds the world. What do men do for the world? --
The Moral Status of Animals [Clarendon Press Oxford, 1977] by Stephen R.L. Clark

11 Months Ago

I as listening to the radio today and they were taking about the injustice of prisoners in Arkansas being put to death and I thought of all the animals who are killed because they are homeless, a dog ran out of the yard, or because s/he is the "wrong" breed (pit bull) and as I often do I felt nothing. When people are killed by people it is too often considered acceptable for a variety of unacceptable reasons yet when people are killed by animals it is because they are dangerous or aggressive and they are killed for that; when they are killed by other people it is called murder and is always a horrible thing. Well, there are too many people on this planet and I don\'t like sot of them. Give me the rattlesnakes anyway and get rid of those Texans.
I could not agree with you more, Jeff Bliss.

Jeff Biss
11 Months Ago

Those that participate in holocausts like this need to be eliminated themselves. They have lost any claim to rights by their crimes.


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