The Oscar-shortlisted documentary film “Blackfish” wasn’t always the seemingly unstoppable force it is today – opening the eyes of many to the cruelty endured by captive whales, and even influencing musical acts such as Willie Nelson and Heart to cancel their performances at SeaWorld.

A series of events helped it to acquire the huge popularity it enjoys today. Chief among them was CNN’s decision to air the film back in October. This helped ensure that it would reach thousands of people who had previously been unaware of the detrimental effect that captivity has on sensitive marine mammals like orcas.


And now, a petition has been started by Marlana McCliman on, calling for CNN to air “Earthlings” as well.

This graphic, deeply disturbing documentary – narrated by the vegan actor Joaquin Phoenix – delivers a scathing indictment of how animals are abused by the meat, dairy, and fashion industries, and how humans tend to turn a blind eye to this abuse. While it is not advisable viewing for those with weak stomachs, its message is strong and compelling, and many people who have seen it have made the decision to turn vegan then and there.

McCliman says, “[Earthlings] is the most important documentary for all animals, human and non human. People need to see it. ‘Blackfish’ shed light on on a very dirty little secret. And people responded. We have a very big dirty secret on this planet. We need to expose all animal use for what it is.”

Sign the petition here and help spread the word about this very important documentary. Also, make sure you check out our list of 10 other documentaries that will make you rethink everything you know about animals, for some other wonderful film suggestions!