A quick look at the baby elephants in this video is all it takes to see just how happy they are – their joy shines through when they play and roll around in the water, completely carefree and relaxed.

During a hot summer day, this kind of a pastime seems like the ultimate way to spend one’s time – and these little ellies are sure lucky. But their days were not always like this – this little bunch of orphaned elephants from the Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery is now finally safe after many obstacles, all thanks to the Nursery’s team efforts to change their lives. They are being rehabilitated with the final goal of reintroducing them to the wild, where they belong.


After the loss of their mothers, with whom elephants normally form very strong and vital bonds, the orphaned ellies have to learn all the good things in life again. Fortunately, at places like this, every effort is made to give them every comfort and every joy they require and could ever need. And what is a baby elephant’s life without hours and hours of playtime? Well, these babies do not have to worry about that scenario at all.

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