When rescued elephants arrive at sanctuaries, they come from different places and circumstances and have different experiences, sometimes similar, sometimes not that much alike. When they first meet with their new companions, they are strangers – but not for long. With some luck, elephants living their new lives in their sanctuary homes can begin wonderful friendships between one another. A friendship like that has sprouted between Khun Yai and Pikun – two elephants living at Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Khun Yai and Pikun were seen enjoying a refreshing stroll in the river, making the most of their day and spending time comfortably in each other’s company.


As the team points out, the two elephants are now part of the sanctuary’s large family – one within which beautiful friendships have formed between younger and older animals.



The rescued elephants often had to endure unbelievable suffering before they could be saved. Now they can finally learn to live a content, safe life free from pain and full of little luxuries. At the sanctuary, they at last have the chance to be happy – and share that happiness with their friends.

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All image source: Elephant Nature Park/Facebook